Dual Diplomas of Vocational Education

Professionals in the vocational education sector deserve recognition that truly reflects their hard work and commitment to students and professional development. The dual diploma program developed at SpecTraining is the perfect….

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The industry benchmark in vocational training and assessment covers 10 units of competency in training design, training delivery and vocational assessment, along with a unit dedicated to working with language, literacy and numeracy skills in….

Delivering Foundation Skills

The course includes a full day of skills and knowledge development, followed by a day where you will deliver two training sessions covering two seperate core skills to a groupof learners under the supervision of a LLN specialist….

Enterprise Trainer-Presenter

Training others in the skills and knowledge you have gained over your years of experience, can be one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. The nationally accredited Skill Set….

Enterprise Trainer and Assessor

This skill set is designed for enterprise trainers and assessors working in an enterprise registered training organisation (RTO) or in an enterprise that works together with an RTO in an auspicing arrangement….

Diploma of Leadership & Management

If you are working in a small or large business, have staff reporting to you or are new to managing staff, then the Diploma of Leadership and Management may be the most practical way of improving your skills and knowledge ….

Diploma of Project Management

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply project management skills and knowledge.  They may manage projects in a variety of contexts, across a number….

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

This highly sought after qualification is suitable for those who identify the need for, and apply, project management skills and knowledge in their work or business. Whether you are a contracts officer ….

Advanced Facilitation Workshop

A course to help deepen & broaden your understanding of facilitation to enhance learner participation and engagement. Enhance your training skills and build greater confidence….

Certificate IV in Learning Design  

This nationally accredited program covers 9 units of competency in

designing, delivering, and evaluating learning experiences that deliver the desired results.