Advanced Facilitation Workshop


Virtual training is now a fact of life, and is growing at a rate estimated at 17.6% over the next 5 years. This Advanced facilitation workshop teaches critical techniques to managing training in the face to face and virtual modalities. Specifically, the ability to use the tools in the virtual training room such as whiteboards, polls, chats, and much more. Check out some of the content by viewing the PEN Plus series on our YouTube channel

In the Advanced facilitation workshop, you’ll learn

  • Awareness and applicability of recent neurological and psychological research into learning
  • A deep-dive into adult learning
  • How to use new presentation aids including virtual rooms and polls
  • Advanced questioning techniques to influence and improve learner reflections
  • How to enhance your active listening skills


Advanced Facilitation Workshop

Courses running regularly in 2024

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TAE50116 & TAE50216 The Dual Dip VET- TDD

The Advanced Facilitation Workshop ties in to TAE qualifications by offering higher-level knowledge and understanding about what makes us tick as learners and teachers. The workshop examines current and future research opportunities in the field of education and offers a new perspective that we know you’ll enjoy and be engaged in. 

We’re excited to offer this opportunity as we’ve addressed the real needs that our students have regularly wanted for – these are the real skills of facilitation and knowledge transfer. By taking on the information covered in this workshop, you’ll improve the standard of your training sessions and increase the quality of outcomes for your students.