Fear is a root emotion that’s hardwired into our bodies. Our brain responds via the amygdala, to get us ready to act. These sensations are out of our control – they’re instinctual – and can result in feelings of unease all the way to severe panic. To ‘overcome’ these feelings, we try to engage our frontal lobes and use reasoning and bodily techniques like slow breathing to ride the waves of cortisol and adrenaline coursing through our systems.

There is no ‘hack’ for nerves. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have these feelings. The sheer number of possible things that can go wrong during training is enough to make anybody a little uneasy. No matter how many times you’ve run the session.

But nonetheless, the training goes on. And the majority of the time, we end with great feedback and great results for our participants. And no matter how many times we say to ourselves ‘we got this!’ – these feelings will return just before the next session.

So give yourself a pass. It’s normal and it’s okay. Do what you can to feel as comfortable as you’re able to before the session starts, and know that the outcomes will usually be VERY positive. Your experience has given you a multitude of fixes that you can bring to bear on any situation. You’re a professional. And you have GOT THIS!

(Yes… I tell myself this all the time!)