Plan assessment activities


Conduct assessment


Design and develop assessment tools


Participate in Validation activities

Registered training organisations (RTOs) must comply with many laws, standards and professional conditions in order to maintain registration. In this cluster you will learn all of the facets of a quality assessment system. 

Assessment systems include the planning, development, conduct and continuous improvement of assessment processes. These include: documented plans, flexible assessment delivery arrangements, assessment support services, assessment tools and instruments, and validation and moderation processes. So there are plenty of areas for individuals, as well as the organisations they work with, to apply their skills and knowledge.

Elements covered in your text book are:

  1. Planning assessment 
  2. Conducting assessments in a vocational context
  3. Developing quality assessment tools
  4. Validating, evaluate and improving assessment tools

“How to” videos

We’ve produced a few ‘how to’ videos to support your completion of some of the assessment documentation. While some of the folders or files may have changed over time due to our continuous improvement approach, the content will still be highly beneficial when undertaking these units.

You can access your assessment materials by clicking on the button below:

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Completing an assessment plan

Creating a basic assessment instrument

Validating an assessment instrument