Lead with emotional intelligence

Prepare to develop emotional intelligence

1. Develop an evaluation criteria for assessing emotional strengths and weaknesses 

2. Assess your emotional strengths and weaknesses against this evaluation criteria

3. Identify and analyse yours and others’ potential emotional stressors in your workplace

4. Identify specific methods for responding to emotional stressors 

5. Seek feedback from others to identify and confirm the methods for responding to emotional stressors 


Develop emotional intelligence 

1. Analyse and document emotional responses of your co-workers

2. Develop a plan for identifying and responding to a range of emotional expressions

3. Apply techniques that indicate your flexibility and adaptability in dealing with others

4. Apply techniques that show consideration for the emotions of others when making decisions

5. Consult with any relevant stakeholders and identify improvement areas for your own emotional intelligence

Promote development of emotional intelligence in others

1. Identify workplace opportunities for others to express their thoughts and feelings

2. Develop tasks for assisting others to understand the effect of your personal behaviour and emotions on others in your workplace

3. Implement the identified opportunities and tasks in your  workplace; ensure you follow your organisation’s policies and procedures