Complaints procedure

In the event that a student has a complaint concerning any matter in relation to their training, or with SpecTraining, the student will:

1. Notify SpecTraining within 21 days.

2. SpecTraining will respond within a further 21 days.

3. If the complaint is unresolved, the student will be advised of external organisations that may assist (e.g. Department of Fair Trading or the relevant government department).

Assessment appeals procedure

If you are not satisfied with the result of your assessment, you may appeal against the decision by following the steps below:

1.Notify the tutor within 21 days of learning the result of the assessment.

2. You can submit an email query or use the form included in your starter pack.

3. Complete the Assessment Appeal Form, and return it to SpecTraining Pty Ltd.

4. SpecTraining will organise a review of the assessment and will advise you of the findings of the review.  You will be provided with a written statement of the outcome within a further 21 days.

5. If the appeal continues to be unresolved, you will be advised of external organisations that may be able to assist.