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Establish a business plan
This topic covers creating a business plan by considering organisational and legal frameworks, market requirements, business goals, competitors, and resource needs, with input from stakeholders
Implementing a business plan
This topic involves executing a business plan by communicating it to stakeholders, ensuring skilled labor availability, testing and refining performance measures, generating reports, and promptly reporting any failures or variances.
Responding to performance data
This topic focuses on responding to performance data by analysing reports, refining performance indicators, coaching underperforming staff, and establishing continuous review processes for improvement
BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans
About Lesson

As you seek to identify issues in the workplace, you may be required to interpret and analyse numeric or financial information to identify patterns and trends.

In addition, you may be exposed to ‘wicked problems’. These issues have been collectively named ‘wicked’ problems. The term ‘wicked’ in this context does not imply evil, but rather highlights the complexity of the matter.