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Assessing competence
Assessing the vocational competence of a candidate is an extremely important responsibility. You are effectively ‘letting the candidate loose’ to work within an industry with your personal endorsement and that of your organisation. With such responsibility comes a legal duty of care to ensure you follow the appropriate steps and comply with the national standards and industry and organisational benchmarks. The steps used in assessing competence in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector are outlined below: 1. Prepare for the assessment by reviewing the assessment plan. 2. Brief the candidate clearly and accurately. 3. Gather valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence. 4. Make an assessment decision. 5. Give feedback to the candidate regarding the process and outcomes. 6. Document and report the assessment outcomes. 7. Review the assessment for improvement.
TAE40122 Assessment Cluster
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This video is a demonstration ONLY. It will show you how experienced assessors approach and conduct a validation. During the vide, there are moments for you to reflect and add information. This is purely educational however, as the validations that you will be conducting involve new assessment tools for the TAESS00029 Skill set, along with the TAEDEL311 and TAEASS311 units of competence.

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