Deciding on your personal mission isn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean, ‘just follow your dreams’… really? Is it really just as simple as having an epiphany one night and dedicating your life to that goal? Some would have you believe this – and that’s fine if they are the rare examples of people who can actually retain that laser focus for their entire lives (I’m looking at you Mr. Schwarzenegger). But the reality seems to be more organic. Bringing traits like gratitude, empathy and mindfulness to your current situation and figuring out whether the path you’re on will bring you happiness on average (thank you Hugh Van Cuylenberg).

So this brings me to the art of training and education. In particular, the craft of leading people through complex ideas, skills and knowledge towards their desired goal. In itself, this could be just a job. A job where you turn up, follow the lesson plan and deliver ok training so that you get paid and everyone seems… well… ok with it. But I believe that education is a calling. A passion that keeps you honing your craft and looking for ways to improve your students journeys. The mission becomes the job and vice versa. Your days are filled with amazing revelations, sparks of genuine awareness and awakening. And I’m just talking about your students!

For you, the educator, this can bring you a lifetime of rewards knowing that your mission has led to that awakening in numerous people. A mission that may have just evolved over time without the midnight epiphany. But a mission nonetheless that serves to provide you great joy and happiness while sharing that same passion with countless others.

Join us if you haven’t already. We’re here to change the world – one happy educator at a time.

– Sincerely, Dan