1. Practice practice practice

One of the things that define an amateur vs. a pro is the ability to make mistakes and not be found out so to speak. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes.. One of the biggest things that will happen with zoom is THINGS WILL GO WRONG! and that’s just part of technology these days. But if you can rehearse and practice basic things like transitions between showing your screen, showing a video or using the chatbox etc, IF something does go wrong you can quickly recover and no one will be the wiser. But if you are not sure how to handle things, it can look pretty bad pretty quick. So just practice practice practice until you can do the basics without thinking.

2. Get comfortable with breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms are a lot of fun and the spice that can make a session come to life. With training and presenting it is variety and suspense that drive engagement so if you are delivering online look to implement break out rooms as often as you can and get comfortable using them. If you use them well they can really make you stand out as a great presenter and trainer in the online space.

3. Be Time sensitive and even more aware of people’s attention span. Here are some tips around time: 

-When you send people into a break out room, tell them how long they will be in the room  

-Call regular breaks – Give people regular breaks because in the online space people get tired quicker

-Do activities for shorter periods of time and have more varieties of activities. (this keeps things dynamic and engaging) 

Hope the above tips have helped and please share any tips that you might have that others could learn from as well as we would love to hear what’s working for you while delivering training online.

Marc Miles