LLN Scenario – Janine

Read the scenario information and review the LLN assessments that Janine completed


MyRTO is a registered training organisation that trains and assesses people for management, supervisory and leadership positions. The organisation has identified the need for a mentoring program to improve the development opportunities of their trainers and assessors.


MyRTO’s HR team have determined that the Mentoring unit, TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace, must be undertaken by staff wishing to apply for this position before any selection process will be entered into. MyRTO managers have identified two trainers and one administration staff member they would like to undertake the training, but first, they will need to take a language, literacy and numeracy test to ensure they meet the necessary levels for the training.


Janine is a 49 year old who has lived in Australia her entire life. She has always lived in an urban area, either Brisbane or Melbourne.  English is her first language and she doesn’t speak any other languages. 

Janine has worked for MyRTO (and its predecessors) since she was 20. She started as an office cleaner before progressing to an administration position. She is quiet and reserved. She enjoys the filing and basic computer work, and does it well.  She says, “I like getting my job done, but am not much of a socialiser. I think that’s a waste of time when you’re meant to be working.” 

Janine is interested in the opportunity, but is unsure whether or not she can cope with the added responsibillity and pressure. 

Core skill assessments

The HR department asked Janine to complete the following core skill assessments:

  • Verbal interview – ACSF core skills covered:  oral communication and learning

  • Written assessments (2) – ACSF core skills covered:  reading, writing, learning and numeracy.

  • Copies and transcripts of completed assessments are below:

Notes from verbal interview:

Assessments 2 & 3:  Written assessments

Janine completed two written assessments:

  • Assessment 2:  Reading covers ACSF core skills of reading, learning and to a very limited extent, numeracy

  • Assessment 3:  Writing instructions covers ACSF core skill of writing

Adapted with permission from material developed by Blackwater Projects.