Support the development of adult language literacy and numeracy skills​

The ‘Performance variables’ in the ACSF describe the four areas in which you, as a trainer, can influence the performance of your students. For example, if you consider Text Complexity; the harder the complexity, the lower the performance. So generally speaking, we aim to keep the complexity as low as it required for the job role we’re training for. Such as, using plain English, limiting the use of non-essential jargon, explaining acronyms, and so on.  

Review the table from the ACSF below to refresh your memory as to how each level applies across the Performance Variables of;





Analysing the LLN requirements of the training context

With an understanding of how the ACSF works, you can use this information to closely examine each job role or function and determine the standards that must be met in order to competently complete each task. This might involve breaking down each task into individual steps and determining the skill levels needed by role incumbents. This information can then be used to develop the training context. This information can then be used to develop the training context.