BSBAUD512 Lead quality audit

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BSBAUD512 Lead audits

This course begins with the important initial step of leading an entry meeting, where the agenda is confirmed and the proposed audit plan is reviewed and agreed upon with relevant stakeholders. Adjustments to the audit plan are made as necessary to ensure its alignment with the audit objectives and stakeholder expectations. The unit then delves into the process of identifying and gathering evidence, which involves pinpointing information sources as per the audit plan, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and collecting necessary documentation and information. This stage is crucial for establishing a solid foundation for the audit’s subsequent analysis and findings.

The latter part of the unit focuses on managing audit team resources effectively, including supervising team members, re-assigning roles as needed, and implementing contingency plans to address unforeseen challenges. Leadership continues through the exit meeting, where audit findings are reviewed, assessed, and presented to stakeholders to reach a consensus. The unit culminates in the preparation and submission of the final audit report, ensuring all findings are communicated clearly and follow-up actions are discussed. Additionally, the unit emphasises the importance of leading team members towards performance improvement, providing constructive feedback, and fostering an environment of self-review and continuous development among audit team members.

This course pairs with the BSBAUD515 Unit, Evaluate and Review compliance. If studying your Diploma with us, be sure to check out the requirements of this unit also.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 📋 Prepare and confirm an effective agenda for entry meetings
  • 🔍 Review and adjust audit plans collaboratively with stakeholders
  • 📚 Identify and utilise diverse information sources for evidence collection
  • 🗣️ Conduct insightful interviews with relevant stakeholders
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Efficiently manage and supervise audit team activities
  • 🔄 Reallocate team resources and manage contingencies as needed
  • 🤝 Lead constructive exit meetings to agree on findings
  • 📈 Prepare and present audit results in line with objectives
  • 💬 Facilitate meaningful discussions on audit implications and follow-ups
  • 🌟 Provide targeted feedback and support for team performance enhancement

Course Content

Develop evaluation plan
This topic covers: 1.1 Obtain and interpret information on organisation’s policies, procedures and compliance requirements 1.2 Develop evaluation methodology 1.3 Prepare evaluation plan, detailing established evaluation criteria and data to be collected 1.4 Confirm approval of plan from relevant stakeholders

Identifying and gathering evidence
This topic focuses on these three steps: 2.1 Identify sources of information according to audit plan 2.2 Interview relevant stakeholders 2.3 Gather information and documentation

Exit meeting and performance improvement
4.1 Review, assess, and reach agreement on audit team findings according to audit plan 4.2 Prepare for exit meeting 4.3 Examine results and findings against audit objectives and present to relevant stakeholders 4.4 Confirm reporting arrangements for the quality audit with the auditee 4.5 Explain context and consequences of audit and discuss follow-up 4.6 Review and submit final audit report according to audit plan 5.1 Provide feedback on performance to audit team 5.2 Encourage and support audit team to review their own work 5.3 Provide and document advice for individual improvement

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