BSBAUD515 Evaluate and review compliance (SINGLE UNIT)

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This course begins with the development of an evaluation plan, a critical step that ensures the process aligns with the organisation’s policies, procedures, and compliance requirements. This involves obtaining and interpreting relevant information to develop a robust evaluation methodology. The plan is meticulously prepared, detailing the evaluation criteria and the data that needs to be collected. It’s imperative that the plan receives approval from all relevant stakeholders to ensure its validity and applicability within the organisational context.

The next phase involves preparing the evaluation data, which is foundational to the integrity of the evaluation process. This includes sourcing the required data as outlined in the evaluation plan and organising, interpreting, and reviewing this data against the established criteria. Any issues in interpreting the data are addressed through consultations with stakeholders to ensure accuracy and relevance. The data is then arranged in a manner conducive to thorough analysis, ensuring that the evaluation process is both comprehensive and transparent.

The final stages of the competency involve the analysis of the collected data and the determination of the evaluation findings and outcomes. This analytical phase is crucial in understanding the implications of the data in relation to the evaluation criteria. Preliminary findings and any identified issues are discussed with stakeholders, and additional data may be sourced to clarify these findings. Recommendations are prepared to address identified issues, leading to the drafting, editing, and distribution of a comprehensive report. This report encapsulates the outcomes, findings, and recommendations of the evaluation, and is shared with relevant stakeholders following a rigorous review and sign-off process, ensuring that the evaluation’s insights are effectively communicated and actionable.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 📜 Understand organisational policies and compliance requirements
  • 🔍 Develop a comprehensive evaluation methodology
  • ✅ Prepare and gain approval for evaluation plans
  • 📊 Source and organise evaluation data
  • 🧐 Review and interpret collected data against criteria
  • 🤝 Consult with stakeholders on data interpretation issues
  • 🔎 Analyse evaluation data effectively
  • 🗣️ Discuss analysis outcomes with stakeholders
  • 💡 Develop recommendations for organisational improvements
  • 📝 Finalise and distribute evaluation reports

Course Content

Develop evaluation data
Obtain and interpret information on organisation’s policies, procedures and compliance requirements. Develop evaluation methodology. Prepare evaluation plan, detailing established evaluation criteria and data to be collected. Confirm approval of plan from relevant stakeholders

Prepare and analyse evaluation data
Source required evaluation data according to evaluation plan. Organise, interpret and review collected data against established evaluation criteria. Discuss issues interpreting data and address in consultation with relevant stakeholders. Arrange evaluation data for analysis

Determine findings and reports on outcomes
Develop and discuss preliminary findings and any identified issues with relevant stakeholders. Source additional data required to clarify aspects of findings, and issues, where required. Prepare recommendations for actions to improve identified issues

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