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BSBCMM511 – Communicate with influence

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About Course

This unit focuses on effective communication and negotiation skills. It begins with recognising the authority to represent an organisation and managing confidential information. Identifying the information needs of the audience and preparing a communication plan is crucial. The unit then delves into negotiation, including setting objectives, addressing potential issues, and reaching agreements while fostering compromise.

Participation in meetings is also covered, involving scheduling, preparation, facilitation, and summarising outcomes. Lastly, the unit emphasises making presentations that align with organisational objectives, tailoring communication to the audience, and providing opportunities for questions and feedback. Continuous improvement through evaluation is a key aspect of these communication and negotiation skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • By completing this unit of study, you would achieve a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge related to effective communication, negotiation, and leadership in various professional settings. Specifically, you would attain the ability to:
  • Identify Communication Requirements: Understand how to manage confidential information, recognize the audience's information needs, and align communication with organizational goals and policies.
  • Negotiate to Achieve Agreed Outcomes: Develop negotiation skills, including setting objectives, addressing potential issues, fostering compromise, and documenting outcomes.
  • Participate in and Lead Meetings: Learn how to plan, facilitate, and summarize meetings effectively, ensuring alignment with stakeholder objectives.
  • Make Presentations: Acquire presentation skills, including tailoring communication to the audience, preparing impactful presentations, engaging with stakeholders, and seeking feedback for continuous improvement.

Course Content

Identify communication requirements
This topic focuses on effective communication by first confirming the authority to represent an organisation, adhering to policies and procedures. It involves identifying and managing confidential information while also understanding the audience's information needs and crafting communication in line with the communication's purpose.

Negotiating with Stakeholders
This topic focuses on negotiation skills to achieve mutually agreed outcomes. Negotiating with stakeholders involves the process of reaching mutually beneficial agreements or compromises with individuals or groups who have a vested interest in a particular project, decision, or outcome. It typically entails open communication, active listening, and finding common ground to address concerns, interests, and objectives. Effective negotiation with stakeholders is crucial in project management, business, and various other contexts to build consensus, resolve conflicts, and ensure that the needs and expectations of all parties are met.

Participate in and lead meetings
This topic covers effective meeting participation and leadership. It involves recognising the need for meetings, scheduling to accommodate stakeholders, preparing materials, conducting meetings, actively contributing to discussions, striving for consensus on meeting objectives, and summarising and distributing meeting outcomes to stakeholders.

Make presentations
Making presentations involves selecting suitable forums aligned with organisational goals, tailoring tone, structure, and style to the audience, and preparing presentations for specific outcomes. Presenters should encourage questions, follow up with stakeholders after the presentation, and evaluate their performance, identifying areas for improvement. This process ensures effective communication and engagement in line with organisational objectives.

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