Course Content
Assess individual and team critical and creative thinking skills
This topic focuses on evaluating and enhancing critical and creative thinking skills in individuals and teams. It involves researching thinking models, crafting questions to identify knowledge gaps, organising learning opportunities, and effectively communicating key thinking concepts to the relevant personnel.
Establish an environment that encourages the application of critical and creative thinking
This topic emphasizes creating a conducive environment for critical and creative thinking. It involves analysing existing organisational systems to identify barriers, developing processes that foster safe thinking approaches, facilitating opportunities for team members to apply critical thinking skills to real-world problems, and providing constructive feedback on task performance.
Assessment guidance
This topic focuses on continuous improvement of thinking practices. It includes collecting and analyzing feedback from individuals and teams regarding critical and creative thinking opportunities, identifying additional support needs, and developing recommendations for enhancing future learning arrangements while adhering to relevant legislation and organisational policies.
BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others
About Lesson

To overcome barriers and effectively train employees in critical thinking, organisations should create a culture that values it, allocate resources, engage leadership, and tailor training to specific needs. Clear communication about its importance and integration into job roles is essential.

Feedback mechanisms, supportive tools, mentoring, and measurable objectives should be implemented. Promote continuous learning and celebrate successes to reinforce its significance. This ongoing process requires commitment from leadership and recognition of critical thinking as a valuable asset in the ever-changing business landscape.

To develop critical thinking in others, you are required to actively create an encouraging environment to facilitate critical and creative thinking. A supportive environment includes:

  1. appreciation of differences
  2. openness to new ideas
  3. diverse contributions
  4. time to reflect
  5. open and transparent communication
  6. psychological safety for all employees.


We’ve already seen that organisational policies and procedures implement the organisation’s strategy and guide staff on how to act.