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BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving

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About Course

This unit of competency involves a structured problem-solving process within the context of a job role. It begins by identifying complex issues, documenting objectives and risks, researching relevant frameworks, and calculating required resources in consultation with stakeholders. Subsequently, it leads to the development of solutions through ideation sessions, critical evaluation, and decision-making. The final stage involves refining the solution based on feedback, maintaining a feedback register, and seeking necessary approvals for implementation, all in adherence to organisational policies and procedures.

What Will You Learn?

  • The skills associated with critical thinking go beyond the boundaries of a single organisation. The skills and knowledge you will learn and develop during this unit of study will apply to all facets of your life and help to make you a better and more respected leader.

Course Content

A critical thinking approach
We all make decisions and solve problems each day – in both our personal lives and workplaces. Some decisions are quick and easy to make. Perhaps the problem or issue you encounter is a familiar one that has a tried and tested solution. However, often times the solution to your issue is not straight forward and its resolution requires more than your intuition. Some decisions you make are critical, whereas others are non-critical.

Critical thinking for resolving complex issues

Making and reviewing decisions
Making and reviewing critical decisions is vital because it directly impacts outcomes in personal and professional life. Thoroughly assessing options, risks, and potential consequences helps avoid costly mistakes and achieve goals effectively. Regularly reviewing decisions ensures ongoing relevance and adaptability, particularly in dynamic environments. It promotes learning from past experiences and allows for necessary adjustments, enhancing decision-making skills and the ability to navigate complex situations successfully.

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