BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change

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This unit of competency involves the development, implementation, and evaluation of a change management strategy within an organisation. It begins with the identification of major operational change requirements, considering organisational objectives, performance gaps, and potential risks or opportunities. Stakeholder consultation and expert input are crucial for confirming the strategy. The next phase involves resource allocation, communication or education plan development, and the coordination of related activities. Finally, the strategy’s effectiveness is assessed, barriers are identified and addressed, and the communication or education plan is adjusted as needed to align with change program objectives. This unit aims to facilitate successful organisational change and adaptation.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The skills associated with critical thinking go beyond the boundaries of a single organisation. The skills and knowledge you will learn and develop during this unit of study will apply to all facets of your life and help to make you a better and more respected leader.

Course Content

Develop a change management strategy
This topic revolves around developing a change management strategy within an organization. It begins with the identification of significant operational change needs, considering organisational goals, performance gaps, and factors like business opportunities or threats, along with management decisions. The subsequent step involves evaluating the risks and opportunities associated with these change requirements. Lastly, it emphasises the importance of consulting with stakeholders, specialists, and experts to validate the change management opportunities and processes, ensuring alignment with the organisation's goals and objectives.

Implement a change management strategy
In the context of change management strategy implementation, this topic focuses on three key actions. First, it involves the allocation of necessary resources to the project and establishing clear reporting protocols with relevant stakeholders. Second, it emphasizes the development of a communication or education plan, which is created in collaboration with the appropriate personnel to ensure effective information dissemination. Finally, it encompasses the organisation and oversight of activities required for the successful execution of the communication or education plans, ensuring that the intended messages and changes are effectively delivered and understood by the target audience

Evaluate a change management strategy
This topic pertains to the evaluation phase. It begins with an assessment of how well the communication or education plan has performed in achieving its objectives. It then involves the identification and addressing of any obstacles or barriers that may have emerged during the change process, aligning with risk management plans and organizational goals. Lastly, it underscores the importance of making necessary modifications to the communication or education plan to ensure that it remains in sync with the evolving objectives of the change program, ultimately enhancing its effectiveness.

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