BSBMKG623 Develop marketing plans

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This unit revolves around the process of preparing, writing, and finalising a marketing plan. In the preparation phase, you’ll conduct thorough market research, consult with key stakeholders to gather additional context, and review any previous marketing plans and performance data. This information will be compiled to form the foundation for the marketing plan.

When it comes to writing the marketing plan, you’ll define clear marketing objectives aligned with organisational goals and targets. Based on these objectives and considering legal and ethical requirements, you’ll craft marketing strategies. Additionally, you’ll develop a budget, timeline, and action plan that supports these strategies. To ensure accountability and performance assessment, you’ll establish a marketing performance review strategy.

In the finalisation phase, you’ll communicate the marketing plan to relevant stakeholders for approval within the specified format and timeframe. Adjustments may be made based on feedback from key stakeholders. Finally, you’ll distribute the marketing plan for implementation and ensure it is stored in accordance with organisational policies and procedures. This unit equips you with the skills needed to effectively create and implement marketing plans that align with organisational objectives.

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What Will You Learn?

  • By completing this course, you will learn how to establish effective ways of working within a team, including identifying team members, setting objectives, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. You will develop skills in analyzing performance, identifying trends and opportunities for improvement, and communicating improvement needs to team members. Additionally, you will gain knowledge in implementing innovative processes, managing change, and handling challenges effectively. This course will also teach you how to evaluate and enhance workplace culture to promote continuous improvement, innovation, and learning, including establishing rewards and seeking feedback from stakeholders to drive positive change.

Course Content

Prepare to write marketing plan
This topic involves preparing to write a marketing plan by researching market conditions, consulting with stakeholders, reviewing previous plans and performance, and gathering necessary information for plan development.

Write a marketing plan
In this topic you'll create a marketing plan by establishing marketing objectives aligned with organisational goals, crafting strategies in compliance with legal and ethical standards, setting budgets and timelines, outlining action plans, and creating a performance review strategy to assess organisational performance against marketing objectives.

Finalise marketing plan
In this stage, you'll conclude your marketing plan by presenting it to relevant stakeholders for approval, making necessary adjustments based on their feedback, distributing the finalised plan for implementation within set timeframes, and ensuring it's stored in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.

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