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Prepare to write marketing plan
This topic involves preparing to write a marketing plan by researching market conditions, consulting with stakeholders, reviewing previous plans and performance, and gathering necessary information for plan development.
Write a marketing plan
In this topic you'll create a marketing plan by establishing marketing objectives aligned with organisational goals, crafting strategies in compliance with legal and ethical standards, setting budgets and timelines, outlining action plans, and creating a performance review strategy to assess organisational performance against marketing objectives.
Finalise marketing plan
In this stage, you'll conclude your marketing plan by presenting it to relevant stakeholders for approval, making necessary adjustments based on their feedback, distributing the finalised plan for implementation within set timeframes, and ensuring it's stored in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.
BSBMKG623 Develop marketing plans
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person working on blue and white paper on boardIt may also be appropriate to present the final marketing plan as an attachment to a short report. Read all the following information about developing a well written report.

When developing your messages and positions that you want to get across to others, you need to think carefully about each audience or ‘stakeholder’ and how they fit with the purpose of your document.

It is crucial to understand the level of interest of each stakeholder in your message. Once you know who you are communicating to and you are able to define what level of support you are seeking from them, you need to consider their perspective.

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