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Reviewing existing policies
1.1 Identify existing policies in the organisation 1.2 Analyse existing policies according to organisational procedures 1.3 Evaluate improvement needs and opportunities 1.4 Consult with relevant stakeholders and confirm need for new policy development
Establish the need for policy development
2.1 Identify internal and external factors likely to cause changes to organisation policy 2.2 Consult with relevant stakeholders and document impacts of factors identified 2.3 Analyse need for new policy against internal and external environment and existing policies 2.4 Identify and recommend to relevant stakeholders priority areas for policy development according to organisational procedures 2.5 Identify and analyse associated issues and risks likely to impact policy development 2.6 Implement risk management processes
Prepare for and develop policy
3.1 Identify type of information required to develop policy 3.2 Outline policy requirements according to organisational procedures 3.3 Develop an analytical framework for the development of policy 3.4 Source, analyse and apply relevant information to support policy development according to organisational policies and procedures 3.5 Develop, consult with and recommend to relevant stakeholders a range of policy options and assessment criteria 3.6 Obtain approvals from stakeholders according to the policy development plan and organisational policies and procedures 3.7 Draft policy according to consultations, feedback and organisational policies and procedures 3.8 Facilitate agreement to policy via organisational channels and relevant stakeholders
Release and review policy development processes and policy
4.1 Communicate with relevant stakeholders responsible for implementing new policy 4.2 Facilitate discussion and manage dissenting stakeholders 4.3 Release and promote the policy according to organisational requirements 4.4 Seek feedback and respond to relevant stakeholders for future improvements for policy development
BSBSTR503 Develop organisational policy
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Below is a copy of the checklist from your learner guide, that aims to establish criteria that can be used and applied to the policy you’ve selected to improve. Each criterion asks a question which helps to determine what still needs to be done to improve the policy document.


Summary of stakeholder feedback

Create a concise, specific survey or questionnaire to gather stakeholder feedback. Compile the feedback into statistics that can be used to persuade decision-makers that the change is necessary.

Surveys can be conducted in numerous ways, but the common practice in today’s businesses is to send out an electronic questionnaire, such as a Survey Monkey, Teams or Google survey. For more information on how to create a survey, select the platform that your organisation uses from those below, or search the Internet for how-to videos or instructions on platforms not included here.

  • Survey Monkey
  • MS Teams (Note that this may change as Microsoft updates the use of forms in Teams. You may need to search for the most up to date tutorial). 
  • Google survey

Note that your organisation may already have platforms for creating and distributing surveys, so always check in the first instance, so you’re familiar with current protocols and processes.

At this stage, you’re now ready to research potential changes and prepare recommendations.