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BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice

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About Course

This comprehensive unit focuses on fostering innovation and creativity within an organisation. It begins with the identification and analysis of trends that shape current and future thinking and practice. Techniques and tools are introduced to generate innovative ideas, and creative thinking techniques are promoted. Extensive research is conducted on conditions, drivers, and enablers of innovation. The unit also delves into leadership in innovative practices, emphasising the assessment and refinement of personal leadership styles that model positive innovation. Sustainable innovation requirements are determined, and methods for knowledge transfer and risk management are constructed and implemented.

Creating a culture of innovation is another crucial aspect, involving the introduction and promotion of innovative practices, communication and resource allocation for innovation processes, and the development of strategies and systems that support innovation. Sustainability of innovative thinking and practice is addressed through ongoing awareness, barrier identification, performance analysis, feedback seeking, and adaptive changes.

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What Will You Learn?

  • By completing this unit, you would achieve several valuable outcomes:
  • Enhanced Innovation Skills: You will develop the skills and knowledge needed to foster innovative thinking and practices within your organization.
  • Strategic Thinking: You will gain the ability to identify trends, conditions, and drivers of innovation, enabling you to make strategic decisions.
  • Leadership in Innovation: You will learn how to assess and refine your leadership style to model positive innovative thinking and practices.
  • Effective Knowledge Transfer: You will acquire methods to promote knowledge transfer among stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and learning.
  • Risk Management: You will become skilled in identifying, evaluating, and managing risks associated with innovation.
  • Cultural Transformation: You will be able to develop strategies to foster a workplace culture that encourages innovation, promoting a forward-thinking environment.
  • Continuous Improvement: You will learn to monitor and analyze innovation performance, seeking feedback and making changes to enhance innovative thinking and practices.

Course Content

Generate innovative thinking and creativity
This topic focuses on fostering innovative thinking and creativity. It involves identifying and analyzing trends influencing an organization's current and future thinking. Techniques and tools are employed to generate ideas and facilitate creative thinking. Creative thinking techniques are introduced and promoted. Extensive research is conducted to understand the conditions for innovation and factors influencing innovative thinking and creativity, including the study of innovation drivers and enablers.

Lead innovative practices
This topic focuses on leading innovative practices. It includes assessing one's leadership style to ensure it encourages innovation, refining practices supporting innovation, promoting sustainable innovative activities, facilitating knowledge transfer among stakeholders, and managing risks associated with innovation.

Support a culture of innovation
This topic focuses on nurturing a culture of innovation within an organization. It involves identifying, introducing, and promoting innovative practices, processes, and products, aligning them with organizational needs. It establishes methods to capture and share innovative ideas, encourages team communication and development for innovation, provides necessary resources, applies strategies to foster an innovation-friendly workplace culture, and implements systems and processes that support innovation.

Sustain innovative thinking and practice
This topic focuses on sustaining innovative thinking and practices within an organisation. It involves developing strategies to integrate innovation into organisational activities, monitoring processes to ensure awareness of contributions, identifying and mitigating potential barriers and risks, analysing innovation performance for improvement, seeking feedback from stakeholders, and making necessary changes to enhance innovative thinking and practices based on feedback received.

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