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Support and facilitate the implementation of a WHSMS
This topic involves supporting and facilitating the implementation of a Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS). It includes determining the appropriate structure and content of the WHSMS, effective consultation with stakeholders, and gaining their agreement for its implementation.
Develop WHS policy and commitment to a WHSMS
In this topic you'll focus on developing a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) policy and fostering commitment to a WHS Management System (WHSMS). This includes communicating policy and commitment requirements, conducting an initial WHS review, developing a suitable WHS policy that aligns with organisational needs, and involving stakeholders in policy development and agreement. Finally, you'll document and communicate the WHS policy to relevant individuals and parties.
Develop and implement a WHS plan
This topic involves the development and implementation of a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) plan. You'll communicate the plan's requirements to relevant parties, collaborate with them to create an appropriate WHS plan, and facilitate participation and consultation during its development. Additionally, you'll communicate the plan's implementation requirements and support individuals and parties in executing it, ensuring that policies, procedures, processes, and systems align with the WHS plan within your job role.
Measure and evaluate WHS performance
This topic focuses on measuring and evaluating Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) performance. It involves communicating the measurement and evaluation requirements of the WHS plan to relevant parties, facilitating their participation and consultation in this process. Additionally, you'll assess policies, procedures, systems, and processes within your job role to ensure they support the implementation of the WHS plan effectively.
Review and improve the WHSMS
This topic covers the process of reviewing and improving the Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS). It involves communicating the review and improvement requirements to relevant individuals and parties, facilitating their participation and consultation in this process. You will also document the outcomes of the review and suggest improvements, which should be submitted to management for consideration.
BSBWHS605 – Develop, implement and maintain WHS Management System
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By asking yourself these questions, you can apply a critical eye to your WHSMS to ensure it meets the original goals and objectives set by you and your stakeholders.

Evaluating policies, procedures, systems and processes

Evaluating something is about judging its worth and effectiveness. To do this, you may need to ask yourself and your team series of questions.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your policy reflect your mission and vision?
  • Are your goals realistic? Are your deadlines too tight?
  • Is your strategy integrated well enough?
  • Is your strategy balanced, g., between financial, customer, process and learning goals?
  • Are your procedures systems and processes complete? – You will need to identify any holes or any activities that are not supported.
  • Is all documentation clear? – You should make sure that documentation will be understood by everyone in, for example, a year’s time. It is a good idea to ask an objective party to look at the documentation surrounding your policies, procedures, systems and processes for clarity and consistency.