Course Content
Starting out
This topic covers the basic layout and setting for your software applications and the initial resources you will be using along the way.
Creating the structure of a learner guide
You will learn how to set out a standard learner guide; the structure, headings, and style.
Sourcing information and applying to your content
As a content writer, you'll be shown how to use existing content to enhance your learner guide and help you start the process of customising the content for your organisation and expected learners.
Developing your professional style
This topic will cover the use of 'writing voices' and imagery to enhance the look, feel and learning engagement experience of the reader.
Develop other training materials from your learning content
See how to create fantastic visual and written resources to expand the application of your course by engaging your learners with interaction, gamification and more.
Converting courseware to online environments
Learn how to copy your courseware and learning resources into your existing LMS. Deciding what eLearning tools are right for you.
Designing vocational course resources
About Lesson

The two things to remember when accessing online resources are: 1. Is it a reliable and up to date source? and 2. What copyright conditions apply to using the content? 

The principle for avoiding copyright is this: don’t use what isn’t yours! More specifically, if you can imagine that someone went to a lot of trouble to create something like an article, academic paper, diagram, photograph or book, then using that without permission is, in effect, stealing from them. 

Fortunately, the Internet provides us with copious amounts of free or copyright granted web resources. From Photos and templates, to video and illustrations. And these resources can be highly valuable to your writing. 

Sources I can recommend are:

Storyblocks: While there is an annual subscription, this resource has a very large library of photos and video footage for your learning resource creation. 

Unsplash: This is a completely free source of high quality photographs and illustrations. 

We’ll share more in the Moodle resources attached to this course.