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Develop, conduct and validate assessments
Covering the requirements of the TAEASS411 and TAEASS413
Assessing competence
Assessing the vocational competence of a candidate is an extremely important responsibility. You are effectively ‘letting the candidate loose’ to work within an industry with your personal endorsement and that of your organisation. With such responsibility comes a legal duty of care to ensure you follow the appropriate steps and comply with the national standards and industry and organisational benchmarks. The steps used in assessing competence in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector are outlined below: 1. Prepare for the assessment by reviewing the assessment plan. 2. Brief the candidate clearly and accurately. 3. Gather valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence. 4. Make an assessment decision. 5. Give feedback to the candidate regarding the process and outcomes. 6. Document and report the assessment outcomes. 7. Review the assessment for improvement.
TAE40122 Assessment Cluster
About Lesson

In this session, we will run through the steps required to organise and participate in an assessment validation. The aim of a validation session is to analyse an assessment tool in order to improve that tool. 

The steps are:

  1. 1. Organise a time and place for the sessioin
  2. 2. Disseminate validation documentation
  3. 3. Assign roles such as lead validator, subject expert, trainer/assessor, etc.
  4. 4. Ensure validation documentation is ready to use by preparing all the templates for the assessment tool you’ll be validating, and the people who will be in attendance.
  5. 5. Work through the validation checklist
  6. 6. Complete the validation activity review to collect information about the validation activity itself: e.g. was it successful, did it run well, were recommendations clear etc. Then upload the documentation to the correct location in your organisation (or in this assessment).


Well done ! You’re ready to undertake the assessment validation activity!