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Psychological – Educational – Neuroscience (PEN) principles for adult learning are published by the Science of Learning Research Centre: now called the Learning Lab (University of Queensland). We have created 12 videos to follow up on each of the principles to provide further insight into how these may be used in your facilitation practice. These are advanced-level abilities taught in the Diploma of vocational education and training, but we believe that you can utilise this information in your training from day one. There are no questions that apply to this content. 

Following on from the featured video above, you may go to any of the following video links to watch the remainder of the PEN principles videos created for you. 

PEN 2 PEN 3 PEN 4 PEN 5 PEN 6 PEN 7 PEN 8 PEN 9 PEN 10 PEN 11 PEN 12