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An introduction to the VET sector
Discover the components that make the VET sector operate in Australia. From regulations and legislation, through to training packages and training organisations.
Operating in the VET Sector
Jobs, roles, functions and more are covered in this topic. Watch the videos in conjunction with your Textbook readings to gain the most from this content.
Practical Assessment Items
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Working in VET
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As we have said in the Part 1 opener, becoming a training facilitator can be a most rewarding experience. Becoming a trainer in the VET system, however, includes a host of regulatory requirements that are not optional and must be complied with. We will therefore spend some time in this chapter giving you a basic understanding of the industry you are about to join, the various elements and frameworks that make up its structure, and how these may be applied in your day-to-day work as a facilitator/assessor. 

Understanding the VET industry begins by getting to know the features of the VET system: 

  • The system is industry defined and driven, touching base with, and collaborating with, industry to ensure the training being offered is up to date and relevant to the specific industries you are working with and within. Industry consultation also forms a major part of the standards to which an organisation will be held. 
  • It has a national focus, using nationally recognised training products and procedures to ensure that we can deliver training and, ultimately, nationally recognised qualifications. 
  • It has competency standards that define the standard of performance required in the workplace. 
  • It is outcome focused, not inputs driven, ensuring that training program participants can put their newfound skills and knowledge to use in a real-world context. 
  • It uses “competent” and “not yet competent” in its assessment of candidates, ensuring that assessment judgements are fair and reliable.

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