Course Content
An introduction to the VET sector
Discover the components that make the VET sector operate in Australia. From regulations and legislation, through to training packages and training organisations.
Operating in the VET Sector
Jobs, roles, functions and more are covered in this topic. Watch the videos in conjunction with your Textbook readings to gain the most from this content.
Practical Assessment Items
A brief demonstration of completing the practical templates for this unit.
Working in VET
About Lesson

What are the national standards? 

The national standards are a legislative instrument that forms part of the VET quality framework. The aim of the standards is to: 

  • set out the requirements that an organisation must meet in order to function as an RTO 
  • ensure that training products delivered by these RTOs meet the requirements of their respective training packages or VET-accredited courses and provide the opportunity for employment and further study 
  • ensure that RTOs operate ethically and with due consideration of their training participants and the organisation’s own needs. 

Read pages 9 – 10 of the textbook.