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Preparing a research brief
The research brief aims to address the current and future training and assessment needs within an organisation. It involves identifying the rationale, proposed methods, and procedures for conducting the research. Key activities, timeframes, resources, and expected outcomes are defined, adhering to organisational practices. Additionally, processes for evaluating outcomes, along with a budget and timelines, are developed. Finally, the research proposal is presented to relevant personnel for approval, in accordance with organisational procedures.
Background research & applications
The research, focusing on theories pertinent to vocational education and training, involves managing and implementing research activities with effective project management and data collection techniques. It includes collecting and recording data in accordance with the approved research proposal. The data is then analysed to understand its application and potential impact on enhancing current and future training and assessment practices.
Implement and report on research
ChatGPT The process involves identifying research findings relevant to personal training and assessment practices. Strategies to implement these findings are analysed and selected based on logic and reasonableness, then applied to one's practice. Reporting on the application includes preparing documentation on the research findings for key personnel, adhering to academic referencing and citation standards. Recommendations are made to enhance current and future practices based on these findings, which are then presented for approval. Lastly, criteria to monitor and evaluate new practices, derived from the research recommendations, are established, along with proposed monitoring and evaluation processes.
TAERES511 – Apply research to training and assessment practice
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There are a number of referencing standards used in academic research writing. One of the most common, and therefore the one we’ll use in this assessment, is the APA or American Psychological Association style. This style covers the layout of you entire paper as well as how to cite and reference your sources.

The link in the content below will take you through the entirety of the APA style – so please bookmark this so you can use it to refer to as you create your research brief and final proposal.

Lastly, when we look for information online, we want to make sure it’s accurate and factual, just like the APA referencing link we’ve provided. Question 2 asks you to find a trustworthy source for the Harvard Referencing style… what sources do you think would be trustworthy? 


 Typical citation style(s)



Engineering & IT



Chicago notes and bibliographyHarvardMLA





Political science





ACSChicago author-dateCSE citation-name or citation-sequenceCSE name-yearHarvard

Social sciences, Education

AAAAPAASAChicago author-date