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TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment

HURRY – There are only a few places left for our TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment upcoming programs!

Get the edge by gaining the recognition you deserve as a training professional, and above all, engage in the highest quality experience for your Cert IV.

 Study the TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment with us!


  • Be recognised: The skills and knowledge in your industry make you extremely valuable and important. So learn how to transfer your skills to others as a qualified vocational trainer and assessor. 
  • Get the edge: By completing the TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment through SpecTraining, you will gain the confidence and credibility you deserve as a skilled and reflective training professional.
  • ​It’s about you: We put you first, and by doing so we have been able to develop a way of doing things that is incredibly responsive to and supportive of our learners. Our team support the the way you learn, in ways that you need.

Boost career credibility and get that edge by levelling up with our

TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment


TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment

TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment

This is a nationally accredited qualification with extensive resources and so much content for you to apply to the real world.

TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment coverage


Our courses will comprise of scheduled Zoom classes with a wide range of online and hard copy materials, work-based learning activities and access to an extensive video library.


An ideal option for students who wish to take advantage of our courses but may not be able to or may not want to at this time attend face to face training.


SpecTraining partners with a variety of clients including policing, fire and emergency, defence, mining and aerospace. Our learning is applied to every new person, like you, who attends our training.

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment provides pathways to become:

  • ​Vocational education trainers and assessors
  • Workplace trainers
  • Contract trainers and assessors
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Human resource generalists
  • RTO employees

Our students told us they achieved:

  • More credibility – Employers of our alumni tell us that they are more willing to employ trainers with the TAE Cert IV 
  • Higher salaries – trainers with their Cert IV qualification earn, on average, a higher daily rate.
  • Better Career opportunities – Work as a trainer and assessor or even own your own training organisation. This qualification will start you along an amazing career path.

What our Students say about us

I found a lot of support studying with SpecTraining. Very responsive to emails and phone calls and encouraging the learner with positive feedback. Even when I nearly gave up, I found the support and advice from my trainer and the admin team very helpful which, motivated me to continue the course until end! I am very grateful to all the people at Spectraining.

Ely Carey

3 days ago

The level of support and guidance received by the SpecTraining staff was fantastic. The knowledge and skills of the staff shine through in the course material and resources provided to me. I learned all that I needed to know and more to start my journey as a Trainer and Assessor. I felt valued and supported during the course. I highly recommend SpecTraining!
Mel Simpson

3 days ago

Even though study completed 100% remotely it didn’t feel like it due to the consistent flow of emails asking how I was progressing. Online booking system for 1 on 1 phone meetings was great.

Mick Bundy

2 days ago

By far the best training organisation I have dealt with so far. Very professional, friendly, helpful and understanding, all the things you want from a training organisation.

Melissa nguyen

7 days ago

SpecTraining trainers were amazing! Replied very quickly via email explanations were extremely clear. Some explanation I did over the phone again trainers were absolutely amazing! Great way to do a course with SpecTraining, at my own pace suited myself and family life.
Monika Mai

5 days ago

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TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment