Provide advanced assessment practice


Registered training organisations (RTOs) must comply with many laws, standards and professional conditions in order to maintain registration. An opportunity exists for exemplary proponents of assessment practices to act as role models and provide ongoing support and guidance to RTOs in the assessment discipline.

Assessment practice includes the planning, development, conduct and continuous improvement of assessment systems. These assessment systems include documented plans, flexible assessment delivery arrangements, assessment support services, assessment tools and instruments, and validation and moderation systems. So there are plenty of areas for individuals, as well as the organisations they work with, to improve their skills and knowledge.

This first chapter of part three provides the framework for improving your assessment knowledge and the skills you will require to continuously improve and provide support and guidance to RTOs.

Elements covered in your text book are:

  1. Develop and extend assessment expertise
  2. Practise assessment
  3. Lead and influence other assessors
  4. Evaluate and improve assessment approaches