Develop assessment tools


The assessment for the TAEASS502 is completed onine or via the TAE Virtual workshop over a two to three day process. Contact your assessor for more details


Physical evidence of a person’s competency is required for an assessor’s decision-making process. Evidence needs to be substantiated as the work of the candidate; it has to provide sufficient samples to make a valid decision; and it has to be collected in a timely manner. A high-quality assessment instrument will help to produce better quality evidence for the assessor to evaluate.

Additionally, the processes that support the collection of evidence need to be sound. This means that instructions must be clearly understood by the assessor and candidate; the collection of the evidence must be handled in accordance with storage and privacy policies; and the process must be under continuous review to ensure a high-quality system.

The definition of an assessment tool in the national standards is that assessment tools are the instruments and procedures used to gather and interpret evidence of competence. The instruments are the activities or specific questions used to assess competence by the assessment method selected. Proceduresare the information or instructions given to the candidate and the assessor about the way the assessment is to be conducted and recorded.