Lead assessment validation processes

Assessors’ application of assessment tools

Standardisation is required across all assessment practices to ensure that the candidates receive an impartial, fair assessment. It can be difficult to maintain consistency in how assessors apply the assessment tools provided for them.

There are a couple of useful tools for lead assessors to use to monitor and provide feedback to the assessor group. First, observation checklists may be used where clear assessor instructions exist. The checklist should detail each step of the instructions, thus allowing an observer to identify where and when the assessor applies each. This can be done on an ad-hoc or regular basis with the full support of the assessor group, to ensure the consistent approach required by the national standards.

Another tool is a performance checklist. A performance checklist is simply a method for the assessor to acknowledge each step of the procedure as they progress through them. This method has pros and cons like any monitoring tool.