​Design and develop learning strategies

Target client group

Who is the learning program aimed at? It may be aimed at a group of existing workers who need refresher training in their roles. The program might be aimed at supervisors or managers who wish to formalise or enhance their management skills, or at people who wish to change careers or give themselves better employment prospects. They could be experienced people with solid work histories, school leavers with little work experience, people wishing to get back into the workforce after many years away from it, such as mothers whose children have grown up, or people who wish to add to their current skill levels.

The target audience will determine the level of information delivered as part of the learning program. If the purpose of the learning program is to provide leadership skills and the target audience is made up of supervisors with many years of business experience, the knowledge expected of them and to be provided to them would be complex and at a much higher level than that provided to a group of learners who have just left school, or who have been out of the workforce for a substantial number of years.

The strategy document that you produce must address these aspects of a learning program in detail so that outcomes can be accurately determined.