Design and develop learning resources

Development work plan

Once the framework for the resource has been established, a planned approach should be taken to ensure that all aspects have been properly addressed and that milestones are met. A work plan should outline:

1.   Timelines and milestones to be achieved, including deadlines that need to be met for the full resources and milestone dates that will allow the program to commence while work on other parts of the resource continue.

2.   Scheduled meetings and focus groups to consult on and review the work to ensure that deadlines are being met and the resource is on track and meeting the agreed upon requirements.

3.   Handover requirements, which may include refining the format of the resource, the expected quality, and the quantity in which it should be presented.

4.   Equipment, learning resources and learning materialsthat may be needed for practical tasks and demonstrations.

5.   Industry-based information that must be incorporated into the learning resource to ensure that the learning program supported by the resource will meet legislative requirements.

6.   The budget for the resource development project. This might include purchase of permissions to use external sources, and the costs of printing or copying.

7.   Identification of risks that may affect the development of the resource and risk management strategies to combat these.

8.  Access to experts or adviserswho may be required for complex topics.