Design and develop learning resources


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Elements covered in this unit:

  1. Research the learning resource requirements
  2. Design the learning resource and plan the content
  3. Develop the learning resource content
  4. Review learning resource prior to implementation
  5. Evaluate the design and development process

Clarifying the requirements of the resource

Before you can even consider developing a learning resource, you must consult with the major stakeholders in the program to be delivered. This might mean conferring with employers to ascertain the purpose of the learning program, or with the participants to determine their current skill levels, learning styles, and language, literacy and numeracy levels.

 Depending on the complexity of the subject, you may also need to confer with subject specialists to ensure that the material you produce is correct and in line with any legislative, legal or organisational standards.

The discussions with these stakeholders result in a briefthat provides an exact description of the client’s requirements. Components of a brief may include:

  • ​focus for the resource
  • description of the audience
  • issues relating to the work or learning environment
  • type of resource required
  • resource requirements
  • timeframes.