Maintain and enhance professional practice

Some questions you can ask to determine your own level of knowledge can include:

  • Am I aware of the latest innovations and trends in my trade or profession?
  • Am I aware of the latest innovations, emerging technologies and trends in my industry?
  • Do I fully understand my role in compliance?
  • Am I aware of any changes (proposed or being developed) to the competencies I am training, the qualifications or the training package?
  • When are the training packages I am delivering due for review?
  • Has legislation changed?
  • Do I understand my obligations and responsibilities under the current legislation—the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (Cth)?
  • How will the changes to national WHS model legislation affect me in my trade or profession, industry and training environment?
  • How does the change from my state regulator and AQTF to the national ASQA affect me?
  • Do I understand the current regulatory framework (for my trade, industry and training)?