This interesting article certainly provides some ways in which an RTO can utilise AI technologies to streamline some of its processes. I would argue that time must pass for this to be the norm among students in order for it to be fully accepted. And that’s many years away at this point.

Offshoring support services to minimise costs (let’s face it, why else would you do it?) delivers a less-than-ideal learner experience. Moving in this direction towards AI chatbots and machine learning (ML) assessment assistance is the next phase of the drive for cost efficiency.

There are so many questions and very few answers. Some research indicates issues with data collection, privacy and ethics (Ke Zhang, Ayse Begum Aslan, 2021), while anecdotal evidence suggests a frustrating, annoying and disengagement experience is likely at this point.

Until everyone is a digital-native and these tools are the norm, not the exception, there will still be a lot of push back from the VET industry. So is it inevitable, or can we fight for human alternatives that (at this stage) offer a better quality experience?