ONEminute tip #1

Don’t stand at the front of the class to show your authority. Demonstrate your passion by walking in to the group your teaching to share in their experience. 

ONEminute tip #2

Eye contact is vital. According to Psychology Today, the “gaze” operates as a tool to “encourage” and “persuade ALL human beings”. But what if you feel uncomfortable staring into someone’s eyes when talking to them?

ONEminute tip #3

There’s a lot to be said about the information age, but one little outcome has been the emergence of the term “gamification”. But the principle and basis of the term are grounded in much older ideas.

People are more engaged when they are challenged with the subject in front of them. But only if there’s something ‘in it’ for them. It comes down to basic reward behaviour.

This video looks at what gamification is NOT and why it works.

ONEminute tip #4

The 3 levels of Competence

Based on the work of Ingrid Bens 2005

What level are you? And how can you recognise areas of growth and improvement? This video shares the three levels of faciliators. 

Level 1 –

  • You understand the core principles, models and concepts of faciliation
  • You can manage your group and conduct useful discussions
  • You know when to make decisions, how to summarise key learning points, and generally monitor group performance and attitude. 

Watch the video for more about Levels 2 and 3.

ONEminute tip #5

Breaks are a chance to consolidate the learning and reflect on what has occurred. Use them effectively to improve the retention of your participants.

Allow enough time to reconcile experiences with new learning before getting on with new information. 

And always re-cap the key points. This will provide mental links to new knowledge and skills.

ONEminute tip #6

When should you deliver the KEY POINTS of your presentation? Timing is essential when planning your training day.

Key points shoiuld always be delivered when your students are at their most alert.

ONEminute tip #7

What is your training philosophy? Complete and return the questionnaire below.