The development of assessment and what ‘assessing training’ actually is.

How do we assess RPL?

What are tools and instruments?

What types of assessment are there?

Assessment can be either formative or summative.

Formative assessment is conducted usually during the training to see how participants are going with the concepts or skills they are learning. An example is a pop quiz or role play to demonstrate their skills.

A summative assessment forms part of the formal assessment and is conducted AFTER the learning has taken place.

Assessment Conditions

The recommended assessment conditions for any accredited training are stipulated in two places:

1. The unit of competency available from training.gov.au. These include conditions such as the environment, access and equity, WHS and so on.

2. The training specifications from the organisation conducting the assessment These are more detailed and may include exact locations, procedures and so on. These must not contradict the conditions outlined in the unit of competency.