Noticing gaps in materials available to trainers and assessors, founders Terry and Dan Hill sought the expertise of fellow vocational education expert, Lee Perlitz, to create the industry leading textbook, Vocational Training and Assessment, printed and distributed by global publisher, McGraw Hill Education.

After following up with titles including Professional Training and Assessment and Retail Services, their books have sold more than 40,000 copies and continue as the benchmark for students undertaking qualifications in these fields.

With this expertise, SpecTraining is the only organisation that offers unique, continually developing training options that truly reflect its values. In more recent years, SpecTraining has focused on continuously improving the quality of its training by bringing together a high-calibre team of experienced trainers, administration experts, business and customer experience (CX) managers, and e-learning specialists. As a result, your learning experience will continue to improve throughout your training period and beyond.

The culture within the team is based on the values of engagement, flexibility, integrity, accountability and attentiveness. This is demonstrated by the high level of contact, and desire to offer the best service to our new and existing students.

We value your decision to join the SpecTraining learning experience and open the door to your exciting career journey. We’re with you!

What our clients say about their learning experience with SpecTraining